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Sister Motion is passionate about bringing different perspectives to commercial creative production by working with women and talent from under-represented groups.

We strive to work with individuals who present courageous values and creative ideas, and share our drive to challenge stereotypes and produce content that helps build a more tolerant society.

Here are some of the faces that make up our growing collective of brilliant talent:


Founder & Creative Director


Nicky Woodhouse is an award-winning multidisciplinary director whose 20+ year career has spanned broadcast TV and commercial production.

She established Sister Motion in 2022 to create a community of talent that can enable brands to champion diversity and address gender bias in their production supply chain. Her goal is to challenge and disrupt how women and minorities are portrayed on screen.

She lives between North Devon and London, where you can often find her in the surf with her partner Ben and daughter Nancy.


Microsoft, HSBC, GSK, BBC, C4, Smirnoff, Miller Genuine Draft, San Miguel, Vagisan, Feel Good Drinks, Alpecin, Seven Trent Water, Rimmel, Cancer Research UK, Laphroaig, Elvie, Wired, Rimmel, Soho House, Renaissance Hotels, Autograph Collection, British Heart Foundation, The Huffington Post, Shire Pharmaceuticals, The Prince’s Foundation, Stoli Vodka, KFC, Johnson and Johnson, Goop, EY, Avon, Pret a Manger




Claire is an experienced producer who cut her teeth in broadcast telly, becoming a series producer at just 26. She has set up every type of shoot, from restricted access locations such as Buckingham Palace to landmark moments like the UK’s first live televised cervical screen test.

She most enjoys producing human interest stories that shine a light on the status of social progression and understanding, such as “When Dad Becomes Mum” and “Do Black Lives Still Matter”.

As a proud mum to two daughters, Claire hopes that Sister Motion can help evolve the structural inequality and systematic barriers for many women looking to progress their careers in commercial production.

Selected Clients:
BBC, ITV, CH5, Pedigree, Elvie, Neals Yard, Lindt, GSK, Canary Wharf Group, Pret a Manger, Groucho, Renault




Laura Gaunt has spent her career building and running design studios in London agencies. She has decades of experience working across brand development, through the line campaigns and pitches in high-octane environments.

She created the Sister Motion visual identity, encapsulating our brand’s disruptive, bold character through the colourful, striking design you can see on this very website.

She lives by the sea in North Devon, where she spends a lot of time in nature with her family.


Google, GSK, Vodafone, O2, Coty, HMV, Energiser, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Jägermeister, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Omnicom Media Group, MediaCom, Canongate


Creative Producer


Starting out as an actor in Australia, Sari has spent decades on set both in front of and behind the camera. As a creative producer with a magnetic personality, she is skilled at building strong relationships with talent, crew and clients, bringing a smile and a sense of fun to even the most stressful shoots.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, where you may run into her sipping on a flat white and planning her next off the-beaten-track adventure with her husband, Maz.

Selected Clients:
Facebook, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Google, Sunny Delight, LA Casting Networks, XBox, Sleep Number, Toyota, Vizio, Sesame Street, BJ’s Brewhouse, Teva, Jardiance, Cuvitru, Channel 4, BBC, Channel 7 Productions, Channel Nine


Director & Producer


Since moving from London to Los Angeles 15 years ago, Maz
has clocked up both a postgrad in filmmaking and photography from UCLA and thousands of air miles shooting branded content across America. He is looking forward to helping Sister Motion work to bring parity to commercial production while ensuring that male perspectives are still honoured and respected.

On rare days off, you can find him walking the streets of West Hollywood, searching for the perfect cup of English breakfast tea with his Australian wife, Sari.

Selected Clients:
BBC, HULU, RTE, HBO, GSK, Showtime, Lego, Disney

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