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Before Sister Motion was born, we had collectively spent decades in the creative industries and commercial content production. What we knew about consumer spending patterns contrasted sharply with what we observed behind the scenes.

Women drive up to 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions (source: Bloomberg), but their presence on advertising shoots and in edit suites falls far short of that.

For brands that want to develop creative content that communicates effectively with women, it makes sense that women should play roles in directing, producing and executing this content.

Over time, this got us thinking: if women are underserved by existing brand content, then what about other diverse groups in society whose needs and perspectives are going unnoticed?

Sister Motion connects brands with brilliant women and under-represented groups to bring passion, courage, and a spirit of collaboration to commercial video production. We believe that diverse creative teams produce content that’s uniquely empowered to resonate with the diverse makeup of today’s consumer population.

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