Festival of the Girl

Sister Motion had the pleasure of running a filmmaking workshop for girls aged 7-11 at the Festival Of The Girl, 2023.
This incredible, not-for-profit festival allows girls to imagine what their future could look like in addition to supporting parents in bringing up girls in a non-stereotyped way.

As part of our mission to get more women behind the camera and close the gender gap in the production industry, we welcomed up to 100 girls into our mobile studio to give them hands-on experience and their first taste of camera operating, sound recording and reporting in the hope that they might follow a career in production.

The day was emotional because the girls were all so happy and adaptable at getting stuck in and having a go, not just in our activity but in the range of activities from coding to robotics, rugby and droning. The day was a powerful example of how inspiration feeds aspiration and how guidance and mentorship can build confidence and self-belief.

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"I've been really struggling with how to put into words just how grateful we are for your amazing presence at the festival. It was such a wonderful day with so many girls being hugely inspired and you were all such an important part of that.
I'm so excited for what we can do together in the future and the difference we can make."

Abi Wright, Founder, Festival of the Girl