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The Jobs Foundation is a new charity built on the belief that business is a force for good.

We were thrilled to be asked to create their launch film to tell the inspiring stories of Joanne and Joe and how their jobs have given them the bedrock on which to build happy, progressive, and fulfilling lives.

Joanne is a health and safety manager at REID steel and is responsible for the safety of hundreds of her (mostly male) colleagues working on the factory floor and building sites across the country.

When we approached Joanne to ask her to be in the film, she didn’t think she had a story. EVERYONE HAS A STORY, and we thoroughly enjoy helping people present the best version of themselves on camera and gain confidence and self-appreciation during the filming process. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job and why we will always fight to use real people in our work.

Joanne’s story, playing at the top of this page was re-versioned for TVC in December 2023. The full film is below.

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"Sister Motion set the gold standard for professionalism, creativity and care. A joy to work with, their ethos around supporting women and enabling everyday people's stories to be heard, uplifted and inspired the Jobs Foundation's launch film. This is the first in a series of films we intend to produce to capture the value of work and business, showing how meaningful employment provides a structure for people everywhere to support themselves, their family and wider community."

Katie HarrisonLaunch Planning Director