No7’s new range is all about giving women the opportunity to reverse visible signs of damage rather than looking back with regrets – a complex range of emotions to capture on film. The task was to create a cinema ad with an editorial feel that was both emotional and thought-provoking. Its basic premise was that as we go through life our skin increasingly shows signs of the transgressions we’ve made, whether that’s from stress, partying or not using enough sun protection. But those moments are the ones that make us!

The brief also required that Sister Motion communicate the science behind the product – how over 15 years of research and development have gone into making the range, which was so hotly anticipated it took down the Boots website on launch day.

Sister Motion’s Nicky Woodhouse says, “As a director, I will always advocate for using real women in my work and fight for the opportunity to work unscripted so they can speak their truth about issues that matter to them. It’s a more authentic way of telling a brand story and injects instant credibility. It also means that women are being portrayed sincerely, as opposed to the caricatured, often one-dimensional versions that are all too prevalent in many ads we are served. I was therefore thrilled that No7 picked a creative idea developed by myself and Sister Motion’s Becky Allin to do just that.”

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"I can’t thank you enough. Your idea brought both the science and emotion to life, two things we’re really proud of as a brand, and it did so in such a wonderful and relatable way. Even now I struggle to watch it without welling up."

Laura Bonson, Head of Brand Marketing, No7 Beauty Company