Sustainable period brand Dame launched their new period cup to offer a toxin-free, carbon-negative, sustainable alternative to tampons. In reaching a female audience successfully, Dame understood the importance of getting the tone of their messaging exactly right. In collaboration with creative agency Friendly Giants, Sister Motion created this warm, light-hearted how-to video fronted by the taboo-busting, hilarious woman that is Hayley Morris.

We also created bite-size FAQ videos to help users navigate the challenge of using a period cup for the first time.

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"Creating high quality content was essential. We had lots of ideas and a small window of time. Striking the right tone between being educational and funny we wanted to create films that didn’t feel sterile, just nice, cozy vibes all round. We delivered this campaign with expertise and support of Sister Motion who we thank from the bottom of our hearts”.

Sam D’AmatoFounder and Chief Strategy Officer - Friendly Giants (Creative Agency)